Let's make travel a job!!


Occupation: Traveler

Let's make travel a job "Now, there are accessories that are popular overseas. But I can not go there locally, and shipping abroad is very difficult ..." HAKOBIYA is a service that can solve such problems and offer a small request to travelers with plenty of suitcases. In addition, the traveler can get a chance to get along well with the local people by accepting the request!

Get information on local items and limited-time items

More easily

Faster than ever

The setting of the request is freely! You may be able to make difficult requests! It is also able to request  travelers arriving tomorrow if the timing is right!

Let's complete the request

Let's complete the request from the requester. You will receive a "Thank you!" Message depending on your request.

Good information may be available from local people

You may be friends with requesters while using the service. Tourism will be more fun if you ask a good restaurant and a place to visit.

Easy and smooth trading

Easily request / accept

Once you have decided the content of the request, put the request on your smartphone easily. Travelers can find requests from the list on the app.

Safe deal by direct chat

You can chats on the app. You can  check the details of the request and get in touch.

Request complete

By reading the QR code, the request is completed with mutual consent.

Flow of application

The requester requests the traveler. Travelers find and accept requests for conditions that suit them.

After confirming the content of the request by chat, acceptance of the request is confirmed. You will proceed with the request and reconfirm the contents of the request and decide to the meeting place.

After arriving at location, You meet at a meeting location and complete the request.

Request / acceptance

Confirm by chat

Exchange at the destination

Requester's Guide

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