Earn some pocket money
while you travel!

Easy communication
with people overseas!

Ask them about little-known
destinations for places you travel to!


Get products that are hard
to find in your own country!

Get products more affordably than when using international shipping!

If your conditions match a traveler, you might get your product soon!


The transaction price is the sum of the product price, the traveler's remuneration, and the transaction fee.

(Product PriceTraveler's Remuneration4% Transaction FeeTransaction Price

(Product PriceTraveler's Remuneration4% Transaction FeeTransaction Price

Currently, we only accept PayPal as a payment method, so the following remittance and withdrawal fees will be charged.
Payment by Requester = 4.1% + ¥40  
Traveler Withdrawal = Maximum 4.1% + ¥40
​​*1 Fees will be paid by the product recipient. 
*2 Withdrawal fees vary depending on domestic and international remittances.
*3 Exchange fees are not included. For details, see PayPal fees.

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