Questions from travelers

A:Please negotiate this with the requester in chat.

A:First check with the requester what is different, and discuss the matter with them. If you still cannot solve the problem, then please contact customer support.

A:HAKOBIYA acts as an intermediary, temporarily keeping the money from the requester. After we check with the requester, we will guarantee the cost of the product.

A:Please check the schedule displayed on the receipt payment application screen.

A:If you cannot deliver the product at the scheduled time because of the weather or other issues, please contact the requester and negotiate with them to reschedule your meeting. If you still cannot fulfill the request, then please contact Customer Support.

Questions from requesters

A:Please check the list of import prohibitions published by the government of the destination country. Please only make requests within the scope that travelers are legally allowed to bring in.

A:Yes, so long as it is within the rules set by the traveler's airline.

A:In our past successful transactions, the traveler's remuneration is usually 10% to 30% of the product price. If you want to request a special product or have it delivered quickly, then the transactions may demand a higher remuneration amount.

A:You must pay when the request is confirmed. HAKOBIYA will temporarily hold the funds and pay to the traveler once the transaction is complete.

A:Please contact the traveler in chat and negotiate a change in meeting time. If you still cannot solve the problem, then please contact support.

Questions about service

A:Chat has an automatic translation function, so that you can communicate regardless of language. For languages ​not supported by our chat, please use a translation app.

A:Currently, we only accept PayPal as a payment method. We plan to gradually increase supported payment methods, including credit cards.

A:Please contact us with the "Contact Us" button.

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