We will not neglect platformers' legal, ethical, and moral obligations.

In order to comply with corporate ethics, social decency, and social norms, we will develop strong organizations, mechanisms, and systems, in addition to compliance with the law, so that we can respond appropriately to any problems, including exploitation of loopholes in the law.

Expert legal opinions

We have obtained written statements from experts including lawyers on matters that could be an issue from a legal point of view, such as validity of transaction and contract content, compliance with related legislation, and relation to the duty of diligence.

Customs and Tariff Issues


Unit price of less than ¥300,000 (Japanese yen)
Customs clearance as luggage
Tax exempt if ¥10,000 or less, and tax of 5% if ¥10,000 or more


Notification in advance about customs duties
Notification at the time of transaction
・Development of advance tariff alert ・Features user suggestion function ・Displays specific amount of tariff on transaction

Illegal Products


Inspection Monitoring
Monitoring by Customer Support


24-hour Automated Monitoring (AI)
・Transaction chat monitoring with natural language and morphological analysis ・Monitoring by product display image analysis

Unforeseen Risks


2 Legal Partners


Publishing of disclosure reports
When fraud occurs, we announce the fraud content and countermeasures

Establishment of team compliance officers
Building a team to manage compliance, including law firm partners